Confessions of My Life | The Book | Author Veron Lee Campbell

This three-part book, Confessions of My Life, is birthed out of different experiences in my life over a number of years. Confessions of My Life is an expression of the heart intended to be a part of a legacy for those who can relate to its contents. Part I: Confession of My Life shows how … Read more

Love Scenes | Remind Me of Your Face Medley

LONELY HOURS Lonely hours filled with despair Bringing such thoughts as “No one cares” Who in this world is there to turn to When everyone seems distant and reluctant to share Lonely hearts cry out for fear Though no one listens, no one cares Shadows come falling, how they linger But shadows are lonely, they … Read more

In God’s Hands | Veron Lee Campbell | Poems and Things Collection

This poem, “In God’s Hands,” compares an lump of clay in God’s hands to an old tree trunk in the hands of a sculptor and an empty canvas in the hands of a painter. Reflect on this thought, then follow me carefully as I paint a picture in your mind’s eye, then keep that picture. … Read more

Poems | Healthcare – Dinner Is Served!

“Poems | Healthcare – Dinner is Served” Includes Three Poems Related to Situations Encountered in Healthcare from the Point of View of a Home Health Caregiver. Healthcare | Really! Do you really think that he doesn’t know the difference between making his bed and caring for his mother? Do you really think because he pays … Read more

Poems | Cinquains – Salon & Spa

“Poems Cinquains Salon & Spa” is a collection of five liners depicting salon and spa services including hirsutism (excessive hair growth), skin and nail care. By the way, a cinquain is a five-line poem with a specific syllable pattern, typically consisting of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 2 syllables per line, respectively. However, cinquains can … Read more