Nothing Wasted: My Swipe Bank

I heard about a swipe file for the first time in 2015 when I was introduced to copywriting … I was clueless. Overtime, I have come to appreciate this valuable resource, especially as a writer.

This collection of resourceful information comes in various forms such as advertising and sales letters. They have been very handy whenever I needed a tried-and-true solution.

Nothing Wasted: My Swipe Bank is how I see the resources that I have garnered along the way. They are of great value, have been proven by others before me, and are there to be withdrawn whenever I need them.


Stepping Stones to Success

Making your way one stone at a time may seem like a daunting task, but they lead somewhere. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

This journey is ongoing even when you seem to have reached the pinnacle. There is and will always be something to conquer … a steep learning curve, your fears, or your enemies.

Have you ever felt as though you had finally completed a task only to find there is one more step … and maybe another? It’s a “But wait, there’s more” moment.

Just when you have spent your last dollar on a course or seminar, you find that was only a deposit. Then you borrow from a family member or friend because this next move will be the last one before the breakthrough you’re looking for.

But wait …

… you have to spend more to make more. You will be told you are not committed unless you invest, usually heavily … even when there’s nothing left or no one else to borrow from.

There’s more …

… you have to be persistent!


Windows of Opportunities

Through every window of opportunities, there are weapons and tools. The opportunity may open up suddenly, but there’s work to be done. Outfit yourself for the task ahead.

Use your weapons to defeat the things that stand in your way. They come at you from every angle with one purpose … to steal YOUR purpose and destiny. Put on your armor and fight back!

Your tools are used to carve out your path, to cut and clear as you make your way along. Like the slogan, “From a pin to an anchor,” your tools will be different shapes, sizes, and weight for every situation.

Interests, Skills, and Talents

What are your interests, skills, and talents? What drives you? Members of any body, human or organization, function together for the edification of the whole. The smallest unit cannot deny its connection or significance to the team.

No one or nothing is insignificant. That’s the same way your interests, skills, and talents are … to benefit others. You can entertain yourself all day long, but real contentment comes from making a difference in others’ lives.

You may have a single talent or be multi talented. There’s no need to compare yourself with someone else or be jealous. It is deceptive to think you need to be like someone else. Be your unique self!

The world is waiting for you to showcase who you are. Take the challenge. Step out and start your journey into the unknown. There’s plenty of help along the way.

Passion: Pillar of Strength, Stability, and Support

Your passion stirs you up. It makes you want to take action. Your heart beats faster, there’s an adrenaline rush that makes you want to go head first into fulfilling this desire …

… but sometimes you retreat because something tells you there is danger ahead if you proceed. Face your fears and move forward; it will make you stronger.

A pillar provides strength, stability, and support for anything it’s holding up. Your passion will be that foundation for the empire you desire to build for yourself.

There’s something deep within you that keeps calling you to step out of your comfort zone. In fact, it will take you to a place where you thrive, grow, and contribute to the rest of the world.

Your passion is your driving force. It will stand the test of time, but you have to put in the time. When you’re passionate about something, it’s like a flame that cannot be put out. Others will be drawn to you; you have a voice.

Evaluate … Find Your Niche, Your Voice.

It’s time to take stock. Evaluating what you have within you is a great place to start. Move outwards and find the resources you will need to get you going. People and things will make up this list.

Again, look at your personal and professional interests, skills, and talents … your gifts. Take all of them into consideration by making a list of everything you can think of.

Go through the process of elimination until you find the right fit. You may have to experiment before you finally settle into that place where you can say, “This is it!”

This will give you a sense of where your passion lies. Take it to the next level.


Building Blocks

Like stepping stones, building blocks are laid one at a time. You have the ideas, you brainstorm, rearrange them to get the bigger picture.

Building blocks can be made from different types of material depending on the purpose and intention of the project. A child’s will be made of a less durable material. It’s a temporary plaything.

Yours may start off as temporary until you take the risk to build a more permanent structure … or several structures. Start somewhere; start building.

Hamdi Ulukaya, the owner of Chobani Greek Yogurt, gave the keynote speech to the Wharton University of Pennsylvania MBA graduates of 2018. His final words to them was to start painting a wall, no matter what color. That’s impactful!

Answers Are Everywhere

Information comes in several forms and in many places. Sieve through; not everything is accurate. Truth and facts are interspersed with false information. So research carefully.

You will find answers to every concern, genre, and problem you encounter. Check libraries, bookstores, archives, references, the internet, family, and friends.

Get your swipe file in order. Draw on the resources of others. In time, you will become a resource for others who see you as an influencer in your niche.


Nuggets … Nothing Wasted!

Valuables are not always bright, shiny objects. Precious gems may have to be scoured to remove the tarnish. Something may not work at the moment or be the right fit for you. Find something of value before tossing it out.

Nuggets may be disguised in the form of another person’s waste. It could be YOUR treasure … nothing is wasted!

A good example of this is a landfill. People have made a living out of sorting through the stench of refuse discarded by others. In reality, it’s trash. They have found ways to turn them into something of value for themselves.

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding

These three go hand in hand …

  • Knowledge can be acquired from your own experience or someone else’s. You will decide what is important to you when you get older. At an earlier age, you were taught by those around you.
  • Wisdom doesn’t come overnight, and not everyone will take wise council. They would rather jump on a bandwagon heading down the wrong road.
  • Understanding … you have to mentally get the picture. Your learning style will determine the degree to which you grasp what you are learning or being introduced to.


Use what you have acquired along the way to get you where you need or desire to be. Two valuable lessons are …

  1. Nothing is wasted.
  2. Make and utilize a collection of valuable resources others have used successfully.

Remember …

  • Stepping Stones to Success!
  • Windows of Opportunities
  • Interests, Skills, and Talents.
  • Passion: Pillar of Strength, Stability, and Support.
  • Evaluate … Find Your Niche, Your Voice.
  • Building Blocks
  • Answers are Everywhere.
  • Nuggets … Nothing Wasted!
  • Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding go hand in hand.

I hope this analogy has provided nuggets you can draw from.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to serve you.

Take the First Step to the Journey Ahead!

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