Crossroads-Making Decisions: A 4-Way Road, 4 Ways to Choose.

Crossroads-making decisions: A 4-way road, 4 ways to choose. Which way will you go? There are four ways to get to a crossroads, and there are four choices to be made. It’s New Years Day and you’re faced with decisions, decisions, decisions … and even more decisions. Are you making New Year’s resolutions, setting goals, … Read more

2020 Vision | Looking Back, Looking Ahead

This article, “2020 Vision | Looking Back, Looking Ahead,” Takes End-of-Year Stock of Goals in Order to Move Forward. Three Essential Platforms are Examined. Looking back may be the answer to looking ahead. My vision for the year 2020 and beyond is based mainly on my long-term goals, writing and entrepreneurship. These are what keep … Read more

Nothing Wasted: My Swipe Bank


I heard about a swipe file for the first time in 2015 when I was introduced to copywriting … I was clueless. Overtime, I have come to appreciate this valuable resource, especially as a writer. This collection of resourceful information comes in various forms such as advertising and sales letters. They have been very handy … Read more