Confessions of My Life: The Book

Confessions of My Life by Veron Lee Campbell

Confessions of My Life is an expression of the heart intended to be a part of a legacy for those who can relate to its contents. It comprises three parts …

Part I: Confession of My Life shows how the titles of 14 poems creatively transformed the table of contents into a poem. This later evolved into a poster and then the cover illustration of the book.

Part II: Sharing My Thoughts came from randomly selected journal entries over a period of time.

Part III: Self-Actualize came about from the concept of self-actualization looking at it from a Godly perspective. It shares an eye-opener of the acronym S-E-L-F as Seek Eternal Life First!

Publishers: Xlibris

Date Published: 7/28/14

Author: Veron Lee Campbell

Confessions Part I: Confession of My Life Poems

  1. Confession of My Life (A culmination of the 14 poems following)
  2. Where is God?
  3. Why Am I Here?
  4. Acknowledging God’s Presence
  5. Life Goes On
  6. He Cares
  7. Give Me Strength
  8. I Would Be a Perfect Being
  9. My Prayer
  10. Panting to Possess Your Love
  11. Lord, You Did It Again
  12. Lord, You Are My Heartbeat
  13. Seeking After Your Righteousness
  14. God Can
  15. God: All in One!

Confessions Part II: Sharing My Thoughts

  • Obedience: Walking in the Will of God
  • Self-Search
  • Worship with Our Lives
  • Be Appreciative of Each Other
  • A Friend in Deed
  • Obstacles: Stepping Stones to Growth
  • Feed from the Vine
  • Display Humility and Faith
  • Be Worry Free
  • Worship in Purity
  • Boldness Over Fear
  • Possess the Glory of God
  • The Privilege of Sonship
  • My Heartbeat Connects with God
  • God’s Love: Agape
  • Self-Pity Kills
  • Self-Denial
  • God Inspires Us

Confessions Part III: Self-Actualize

Seek: Matthew 6:33

Eternal: John 17:1b-3

Life: John 3:16

First: Matthew 22:37-38


Anointed: Luke 4:18

Chosen: John 15:16

Truthful: John 14:17

United: Ephesians 4:13

Accountable: Hebrew 4:13

Love: Mark 12:30-31

Instructed: Proverbs 19:20

Zealous: I Corinthians 14:12

Elected: Colossians 3:12

Confessions From My Heart, Summary, and Declaration

“From My Heart” is placed at the beginning of each section. It tells an interesting story of how they all came together. It ends with a “Summary” of my thoughts and a “Declaration of God’s Goodness and Promises.”

This book can be read as a devotional or in whatever way pleasing to you. My hope is that you find something there which will inspire, empower, and motivate you in your daily walk.

Another thing to note is that you may have a desire to accomplish something which seemed far fetched, but it can be done with determination.

This is my story of being persistent and taking action over twenty years later to do something that has always been in my heart.

Please share this journey with me and get a copy for yourself, family members, friends, and anyone else who would appreciate uplifting and encouraging words. You can search the following stores for Confessions of My Life by Veron Lee Campbell or by clicking on the links below …

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