Beauty, Health and Wellness Tips | For the Love of Your Hands

“Beauty, Health and Wellness Tips | For the Love of Your Hands” gives you guidelines in taking care of your hands. And a manicure is only a part of the process.

We were born with soft, tender hands. However, throughout the years they tend to be a far cry from what they once were. And, it doesn’t help that we put a lot of demands on them.

For instance, we use our hands as tools to open and close all sorts of things. In addition, we expose them to harsh chemicals at home and in the work place. Some people have a habit of biting their nails.

Stop for a moment and think of other ways you abuse your hands. Sometimes, it’s unintentional. But, at other times we simply take them for granted.

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Beautiful Sculpted Nails

Beauty Tips | How Do You Love Your Hands?

What do you love about your hands? And, what would you like to see that you don’t see now when you look at them? Naturally, you have no control over the size and shape of your hands.

However, you can take control of how you treat them in general. Additionally, you determine the length and shape of your nails. So, you can choose to keep them short, medium, or long.

Also, you determine if you want to wear them square, round, or pointed. And, taking it a step further you can polish them or not. This sometimes depend on the type of job you have.

Overall, the decision is yours. Similarly, you have the choice to wear your nails natural or enhance them with gel polish and acrylics. You could also do them with or without artificial extensions.

The question is, do you love your hands enough to take time out to care for them? This doesn’t mean they have to be embellished with the latest fashionable style.

On the contrary, many women who have never embellished their nails have very beautiful hands and nails. It all depends on how much love you show them.

Beauty from Within | Nourish Your Hands.

Your hands can tell your story. So, someone can actually look at them and make their own determination. Of course, they may not get it accurately. But, the telltale signs will give them something to go by.

For example, callouses on the palms of your hands may indicate that you do manual labor. This may be the case with a farmer or construction worker.

Similarly, your hands may show signs of dehydration or nutritional deficiencies. Also, nails tend to get dry and brittle when there isn’t sufficient calcium or other elements in the body.

Likewise, the skin will be dry and wrinkled from other deficiencies such as biotin and collagen.

Beauty from within indicates that proper nutrition will benefit your nails and skin. Topical treatments are beneficial. However, they will not take the place of a balanced diet.

Your hands can manifest what you eat, so it’s important for you to nourish them from within.

Nutrition Plays a Vital Role

Manicure Steps | Show Them Some Love.

A manicure can be a weekly regimen at home or in a salon or spa. Or, it may be an occasional treat to pamper and give them a break. Sometimes it’s a gift to yourself or from others for a special event.

Here are some steps for a basic manicure. But first, you’ll need some basic necessities.

What You’ll Need

  1. Have a bowl with warm water.
  2. Use a towel to protect the table.
  3. Nail clip and file or emery board and buffer if you have any on hand.
  4. You’ll also need an orange stick or nail pusher.
  5. Also, hand soak or a little soap.
  6. Cuticle cream if available.
  7. And, manicure brush.
  8. Finally, a hand towel to dry your hands.

Basic Manicure Steps

  1. Gather all items before starting.
  2. First, trim and/or file nails to your preferred length and shape.
  3. Apply cuticle cream around cuticles on one hand.
  4. Then place your fingers in the bowl and allow them to soak for about two minutes.
  5. Use the orange stick or pusher to gently push back and clean around the cuticles. Also, clean underneath the nails.
  6. Wash around the cuticles and nails with the brush.
  7. Remove your hand from the bowl and dry it.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 with the other hand.
  9. Rinse both hands at the sink with clean water to remove traces of soap and cuticle cream.
  10. Finally, polish your nails or apply nail stickers if you wish.

An experienced nail specialist would use a nipper and other tools and products. And, you could include those if you have some experience.


At Home Care | Affordable Products

(As an Avon Independent Sales Representative I earn a commission on purchases.)

You can find affordable at home nail care products online. These work very well for every aspect of your nail care treatment. For example, you’ll find tools and creams for callouses, cracked heels, and hand masks.

There is also a wide array of high quality, beautiful nail polishes along with base and top coats. You will also find eraser pens to correct your color mistakes and clean up nails.

And, you can go a bit fancy by applying decorative nail stickers. These are temporary but will suit whatever occasion you want to use them for.

Let’s Recap. | Beauty Tips for Hands

Beautiful hands and nails begin with you. If they are naturally beautiful you still have to take care of them in some way.

  1. Proper nutrition is one way to nourish your hands from within. Similarly, hydration contributions to healthy skin. So, be sure to drink plenty of water and other hydrating drinks.
  2. Use a moisturizer daily to protect your skin from drying out.
  3. Give yourself a manicure once in a while. Or get it done professionally.
  4. And, avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals. These can age and roughen your hands.
  5. Also, don’t bite your nails. Many people have this nervous habit. And, sometimes it’s just they way others choose to shorten their nails.
  6. Have tool and products on hand to maintain care at home. They do not have to be expensive. However, it’s best to have quality products.
  7. Finally, make an effort to take time out to show your hands some love.

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