Love Scenes | Remind Me of Your Face Medley


Lonely hours filled with despair
Bringing such thoughts as “No one cares”
Who in this world is there to turn to
When everyone seems distant and reluctant to share

Lonely hearts cry out for fear
Though no one listens, no one cares
Shadows come falling, how they linger
But shadows are lonely, they hover and scare

Lonely feelings gripping the heart
Tearing and shredding each lonely part
One drop of hope is all it needs
To mend and uplift this sorrowful heart

Painful hours are not forever
There is hope—that gladdening quiver
That somewhere, somehow there comes joy
Like a rainbow and sunshine, a shining halo



Your face has faded from my vision

The face I see no more

Bring back the memories we once shared

The joys that are untold

Your eyes once glistened and showed love

What do they feature now

Your smile was cheerful and brought warmth

And glee to all around

I need a glimpse to be assured

That face is as before

Come now, my love, before too late

Remind me of your face



Battered and bruised
Bearing the agony of losing
Bright tomorrows that never were
Burning desires turned to ashes

And then you came
Life goes on
Each tomorrow is brighter
And the fire keeps burning each day
You are the answer to my prayer

Poems by ©Veron Lee Campbell

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