FEAR is Future Epidemic Analysis Radar


Fear possesses the uncanny ability to immobilize us, primarily due to the anticipation of negative events that, in all likelihood, will never come to pass. These fears can persist throughout our lives, casting a shadow over our dreams.

The thought of this is genuinely unsettling!”

One night, a few years back, an unconventional idea about FEAR struck me while I lay in bed, simply trying to catch some sleep. I named it ‘Future Epidemic Analysis Radar’ (FEAR).

Upon pondering this concept, it surprisingly started making sense.

Face the FUTURE Fearlessly.

Many artists in the limelight, public speakers, and influential entrepreneurs admit that they are faced with fear on a regular basis … every time they need to face an audience, for some.

Just yesterday, I was on a conference call with a very influential game changer. He shared an occasion where he was actually nervous before going on stage recently.

This is someone who is no stranger to public speaking. He plays an admirable role in influencing others to better express their true selves.

Once again, he captivated the huge audience with his message and authenticity!

If you have been hampered from doing something you know within your heart you were placed on this earth to do … take action. Face the fear and do it anyway.


What EPIDEMIC are You Facing Right Now?

An epidemic is widespread .. it affects people everywhere. We have all had moments in our lives where we simply wanted to run away because of emotional or other painful situations.

The truth is, although the memories may still be painful, we survived … over and over again.

Some things we face that cause anxiety are …

  • loss of or separation from a loved one
  • uncertainty about getting a role or job
  • feeling inferior to others

Whatever you are facing right now, make a decision to go through it and come out stronger. You will come out. Seek help. Don’t be afraid to ask. Others have been there before you.

We know there are life-threatening circumstances we or others close to us face. Whatever the outcome, there’s usually some kind of closure to take us through those difficult times.

Pain is real, but there are real solutions that we can rely on to turn things around.


Free Yourself from ANALYSIS Paralysis.

Got fear? There’s a solution for that … maybe an app. There’s an app for everything. My proposal to you is to get into the anti-Analysis Paralysis Program …

… there’s your APP!

When you are paralyzed by fear, you see things more humongous than they really are. A “molehill” is a mountain. You think you’re going to get stampeded if you stand in front of a crowd.

But, is that what will happen? Daily visualizations can help you get past your fears to experiencing your full potential. See it, hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it … grab it with both hands. Embrace it!

The applause is real. They’re eager to hear every word you have to say. The marketing campaign was successful, and as the minute counts down to seconds, you only have a few more steps …

… from behind the curtain. It opens!

The crowd goes wild. This is the moment they all have been looking forward to. This is the moment YOU have been preparing for all your life, literally!

“Becoming You … Letting Go to Receive” is your topic. As soon as the crowd settles down, you search the room making eye contact with everyone, one by one.

They feel your energy. You’re confident, poised, and ready to make leaders out of this diverse group of game changers. You delivered, receiving a standing ovation at the end.

Yep, that’s you. It’s no longer a dream.


What’s on Your RADAR for the Future? | Face Fear!

Do you get the picture? You have to see it first for yourself. It’s YOUR vision. You may have been carrying it for a long time. Now is the time to deliver.

Deliver that thing that you have nurtured within you. It’s full term. Someone is depending on you to make a difference. One changed life can change many more lives.

You can be one change that will influence millions positively. How will that happen? By being hungry enough, desperate enough.

Action goes beyond being ambitious. Ambition is a great thing to have, but it will take much more to get you to fearlessly taking your future into your hands.

If you can see what you want to accomplish, it can be done. Others have proved it and will continue to do so. Create that picture and keep it before you every day.

Be determined to fight for what is rightfully yours … a place in life to contribute to the wellbeing of others. Don’t leave this life without giving everything you have inside of you.

What’s on your radar?


It Ends Here! | Conquer Fear with Courage.

Fear can cause you to spend your entire life missing out on your purpose. You may have already taken steps to prepare yourself to launch that business, write that book, deliver that speech.

You procrastinate because of frightening thoughts in your head. They may seem real, but they’re not. It’s like having a dream, good or bad, that seemed so real until …

… you wake up and it’s not real, not even close!

But you can turn your dream into reality by visualizing how you want your life to be and taking action to make it happen. Remember, there’s an APP for that.

Create your own anti-Analysis Paralysis Program and free yourself. Find out how others have made it past that stage. You will have to face your fears and do it, whatever it is, anyway.

Letting go to receive, in this case, means letting go of the fear and receiving the best life you could ever have. You were born to change the world.

What fear is holding you back? What steps will you take to move forward? When will you start? Just a hint … NOW! Take action now and paralyze your fear.

I hope this article has been of help to you in some way. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to serve you.

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