Poems by Veron Lee Campbell: A Medley of Awe, Dreams, and Faith!

Poems by Veron Lee Campbell: A Medley of Awe, Dreams, and Faith! AWESTRUCK I watched in amazement as the seasons unfold A revolutionary climax Into wonders untold Spring, summer and autumn Winter all in cycle The colors, the vigor, serenity and cold All species of animals and birds of all kinds An extraordinary mixture Such … Read more

Crossroads-Making Decisions: A 4-Way Road, 4 Ways to Choose.

Crossroads-making decisions: A 4-way road, 4 ways to choose. Which way will you go? There are four ways to get to a crossroads, and there are four choices to be made. It’s New Years Day and you’re faced with decisions, decisions, decisions … and even more decisions. Are you making New Year’s resolutions, setting goals, … Read more

What Is an Underlying Medical Condition? COVID-19 Alert!

“What is an underlying medical condition?” This article serves as a COVID-19 alert, and will shed light on some of these conditions. People are looking for answers. Some diseases are not life threatening to the majority of individuals who usually recover without complications. However, others are more susceptible which could be fatal for them. This … Read more

What is the Meaning of Universal Precautions: COVID-19 Alert!

This article brings you a COVID-19 alert and answers to, “What is the meaning of Universal Precautions?” These are known to make a marked difference especially in this pandemic. We often hear that we should wash our hands and cover our coughs and sneezes. COVID-19 has brought on additional precautions such as wearing a mask … Read more

COVID-19 and the Elderly … and Virtually Essential Care.

“COVID-19 and the Elderly …and Virtually Essential Care,” sheds light on the pandemic, the effects on the elderly, and the care they require. COVID-19 is fierce, and the elderly are more dependent on receiving care which is virtually essential. Another way of saying this is, the elderly are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 … Read more

Christmas Jamaican Tradition | Fruit Cake

This article, “Christmas Jamaican Tradition | Fruit Cake,” shows how Jamaicans all over the world enjoy and share this rich fruit cake during the holiday season. Christmas Jamaican traditions include the delightful, one-of-a-kind, mouthwatering fruit cake. This is a must have during the Holiday Season! So, here’s another custom passed on throughout generations from multicultural … Read more

Rumpelstiltskin Fairy Tale | The Rewrite by Veron Lee Campbell

“Rumpelstiltskin Fairy Tale | The Rewrite” tells the story of the miller, his daughter, the greedy king who wanted straw turn into gold, and the mysterious elf. This is a new twist to the original story. “Pride and greed will cause men, and women, to desire what they are not or what they cannot have.” … Read more

Don’t Look at Me That Way | See the Real Raw Me Beneath!

Don’t Look at Me That Way. | See the Real Raw Me Beneath! You put a mask on me because you fail to see, don’t want to see the real raw me; My sores, what you conceive them to be, are a sore sight for you. In hindsight, I say, “What sores, yours or mine?” … Read more

Aging with Dementia | The Origin Thorns, Thistles, and Sweat.

“Aging with Dementia | The Origin Thorns, Thistles, and Sweat” examines how we were meant to enjoy optimal health. It brings awareness of the disease and hope. Humanity is riddled with diseases, disabilities, and undue disasters in our lives. And, the origin of dementia is embedded in the midst of the complexities of thorns, thistles, … Read more