Don’t Look at Me That Way: See Me

You put a mask on me because you fail to see, don’t want to see the real raw me;

My sores, what you conceive them to be, are a sore sight for you.

In hindsight, I say, “What sores, yours or mine?”


Remove the beam to see the spec so we can both clearly see the core;

The core, the thread that joins and weaves what seems to be abstract

Yet meaningful connection running deeper than where oceans lie;


Higher than unlimited spaces where each one meets and greets;

Depositing something more valuable than things that rot and wither;

Away from the maddening crowd that drowns their own ego.


They themselves rot and wither but they do not know. How can they?

Know that unconditional love does not reach out to control others:

Embrace the differences in you, in me beneath and on the surface;


Indelibly marked by impressions of who we think “they” are;

And who are you to put the mask on me? If it saves lives, mask yourself first:

If it hides who you are unmask yourself and look at me hard and long.


What do you see when you look at me below the real raw?

Look again from unbiased lenses if you will, if you dare. Dare to try:

Try not to judge. Seek truth and pursue its outstretched hands.


Beneath the surface invisible scars run deeper than skin level;

The network of cells, tissues, organs, and systems fights to protect;

The poison harbored there strains and stresses an ill-fed stream.


Save yourself a heart attack and take another look at me;

Or walk away looking back as often as you dare to compare;

Outer surfaces can be painted to disguise what really goes on.


On the inside, it fosters and seeps into crevices, blocks pipes …

… Corrupts conduits that feed others a tasty bite of extra Xnews;

The truth is we all bleed the same … you, me, the masses.


On either side of any given arena we fight to keep our identities;

We choose to make or fake it as long as we can be artistic;

Long enough until it fades with time as helplessness takes over.


The mask cracks, peels, and deteriorates beyond recognition.

What do you see when you look at me? Turn around if you will.


Intricate marvelously designed nervous and vascular systems,

Musculoskeletal auditory visual systems … a perfect ecosystem;

A mastermind of systems which is highly impossible to replicate.


No human hand can create artificial intelligence with blood …

… Life is in the blood, God-breathed life impossible to recreate;

Advancement in technology announces time will prove me wrong.


Modern robotics have people fearfully trembling with anxiety;

While others applaud how far we’ve come in humanizing machinery.


The tower of Babel which did or did not exist will crumble

Before mankind takes over dethroning the Creator of the universe.


I strive to detox myself, teaching others to rid themselves of poison

That which oozes out from undiluted unfiltered septic minds;

The evidence of denied cries for help silenced by lying lips.


Help is on the way so turn and look again. What do you see?

See me if you will or turn away for good to the consequences;

Unconfessed self-denial leads to self-destruction and certain death.


Save yourself by choosing to unclog and detach from the prejudices;

Injustice feeds on false witnesses, greed, and insensitivity

Stop, look, listen … my heart beats like yours … our blood bleeds.


Light conquers darkness, peace conquers war, love conquers all!

Choose light, life, and love. Choose to merge frictionlessly

With me, with others like me, unlike you … if you dare!

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